Tamoikin Art Fund NFT Appraisal System

Press Release | April 4, 2021

Tamoikin Art Fund has successfully developed and tested the World’s First NFT Valuation (Appraisal) System that can provide math-based market value for any Non-Fungible Token.

Until now “Estimate Unknown” was the only valuation statement that could be given by all auction houses when it came to determining the initial value (starting price) of  NFTs: 

The Tamoikin Art Fund is the first organization to solve this problem. Now all NFT platforms, auction houses, galleries, insurance companies, banks, and individual owners can determine the value of their non-fungible tokens. 

This development has vast implications for the entire digital art market. Based on Tamoikin’s NFT Valuation System the following products and services can now be offered to the public:

  • NFT Appraisal Apps for Phones / Websites / Platforms
  • NFT Valuation Reports
  • NFT Insurance 
  • NFT Audit
  • and much more!

Because Tamoikin’s NFT Valuation System is math based and consists of specific criterions and coefficients that are used to scientifically determine the exact value of a non-fungible token, it is ideal for the code-based digital world that is starting to dominate the art market. 

SEEKING PARTNERSHIP: To fully capitalize on the enormous potential of this new innovation, the Tamoikin Art Fund is seeking to partner with a serious investor(s) that is interested in becoming one of the first to adopt, implement, and build upon our groundbreaking NFT Valuation System.

The first organization to do so will undoubtedly become an absolute NFT leader in this new and highly competitive digital art market. 

For further inquiries contact:

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