Why Soviet Gold and Silver is Ideal for Young Investors


Dmitry Tamoikin, the president of Tamoikin Art Fund, who focuses on long-term investing is frequently asked this question: “What can someone who isn’t considering retirement yet, young adults, or even university students invest in that will generate profit quickly, is fascinating, and won’t break the bank?”

Sure. The title of this article gives it away. Soviet gold and silver jewelry, along with collectibles from the USSR. These valuable items are one of the best things young investors can put their money towards. How?

Firstly, the reality is most young adults, especially in this rough and tumble economy, do not have more than $100-$1000 to spare. Some even have no money for expendable income. Let’s say $200 is your minimum investment budget, you only have one question coming to your mind: “What can I invest in without freezing my money, which gives me a profit in a year or less?”

Most people believe the answer is nothing. So they don’t consider investing as a viable way to make money. Now, the Soviet jewelry market surprises tons of people. Why? Someone can buy a silver collectible for $50 or less. And within one year, sell it back for a sizable profit. Very few art or investment markets can make this claim. However, this is the reality of the Soviet gold and silver jewelry market. The fact of the matter is these assets are appreciating fast.

Throughout the last few years, Soviet silver items have been growing in value at an exponential rate. In 2012, you could buy a number of Soviet silver collectibles for $15-$25, now you can’t because they cost $50-$80. This trend will continue as time progresses. Silver bracelets from the USSR throughout 2014-2015 increased in value more than 250%. Just think about the return on investment you have, especially when you’ve bought several Soviet silver items. All Soviet silver has grown tremendously in price. Whether it’s rings, bracelets, silverware, or earrings. The great thing about this market is the growth is occurring across every facet of collectible items. Sure. There are specific USSR jewelry pieces growing in value much faster. However, the overall outlook since 2007 is a major rise in prices with every single Soviet silver item available.

Here’s another interesting fact: you don’t need to know much about USSR jewelry, history, gold trading, and collecting. In a day or two, you can learn what you need to know about Soviet gold and silver to make money in this lucrative market. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this unique market.

Soviet gold jewelry collectibles are where there’s big money to be made. But Soviet-silver is much more economical and growing as fast as USSR gold.

Naturally, soviet gold collectibles require more initial capital to make a long-term viable investment. But the return per item is larger. Currently, you can purchase Soviet gold jewelry for as low as $200-$600 per item (still within the young investors budget) or as high as $1000-$4000. This practice is something more art investors are doing now. These assets can double, triple, or quadruple in value in a very short window of time. As a student, when a $600 investment turns into $2400, it is a large return. Honestly speaking, when it comes to Soviet gold, this type of return does not happen every year. The market conditions and the asset itself determine these factors. Although, within a 2-3 year period, you may see much more aggressive growth than virtually all Soviet gold jewelry and collectibles.


Many factors are involved, but two primary factors remain: 1) Soviet gold and silver jewelry is a relatively new art market. Plenty of investors are aiming to take advantage while prices remain low. 2) The supply is fixed. Soviet gold and silver was produced between 1922 and 1991 and are the only items that will continue to exist. When demand shifts and outweighs the supply, prices increase exponentially. There are no fake forgeries in the marketplace yet. This is what makes this investment so attractive to plenty of collectors and investors.

One question remains (arguably the most important one): where do you buy and sell these items? eBay. Or any other online auction, store, or trading platform. Right now, eBay is the number one hub for all buyers and sellers. We’ve made it easy for you to buy and sell your Soviet jewelry. There are special links you click on to take you directly to the best Soviet gold and silver available for sale on eBay. You can discover these links by clicking here.

Here’s another story written in the spirit of civil disobedience, public discourse, and a strive for financial freedom from big governments and multinational corporations responsible for taking control of almost all markets on the planet.

The start of the Soviet Jewelry project reveals to the world a new free public market.

Evidence proves most financial markets are controlled by special interest groups, who were the main culprits for the Global Financial Crisis [2008-2011]. So, this is when the idea came to create a free public investment market. Soviet Gold and Silver Jewelry has become the perfect commodity for this market. Meanwhile, information sharing technology (social media platforms, online auctions, and search engines) provides an ideal marketplace for this special commodity to thrive and prosper. The beautiful thing is The Soviet Jewelry Market matches the professionalism and sophistication in well established markets such as Forex, Gold Bullion, and Stocks. Plus, as an added bonus, the Soviet Gold and Silver Jewelry market is free from the grappling hooks of Big Government and Large Special Interest Groups. This is the market where buyers and sellers work together to establish a mutually beneficial relationships. It is a market where collectors, small and medium investors, and average people can profit!

HOW IT WORKS: Management does not exist in this unique gold and silver market. Each individual determines their sales price. The market prices are set by the global community of buyers and sellers. Government regulations do not exist. Corporations have very little control in this unique market and find it unappealing. Gold Bullion, a heavily regulated commodity grew only 170% at best throughout a 5 year period. But Soviet Gold, an unregulated commodity, grew more than 300% at worst throughout the last 4 year period. Yes, the Gold Bullion market is cooling down. In the meantime, Soviet Gold is heating up! Every investor and collector should take this message seriously. Soviet Gold has additional value-making characteristics because of zero government regulations. There’s no comparison to Gold Bullion. Faster value and bigger growth is what the future holds for this highly profitable and completely independent market.

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