METASKULL NFT DROP | Renowned Digital Artist Jacky Tsai and Froyo Games Launch Skull Art NFTs for Metaverse

MetaSkull NFT © Jacky Tsai

Jacky Tsai, a London-based and Shanghai-born modern contemporary artist, is pleased to announce “MetaSkull Collection 元宇宙骷髅”, his inaugural Skull Art NFT collection that features the artist’s iconic skull motif designs. Mr. Tsai worked in collaboration with Froyo Games, a Web3 gaming platform with extensive video-game development experience globally, to develop and launch the MetaSkull Collection, which is geared for the metaverse. 

The MetaSkull Collection and Jacky Tsai

The MetaSkull Collection consists of 1,001 unique digital art assets and will introduce three focal themes with distinct art designs: gambling, poker and anti-war.  The entire collection was created through a generative art technique and is 3D in nature.  The latter makes the art unique, as most NFT arts in the market today are 2D in nature. 

MetaSkull NFT © Jacky Tsai

Mr. Tsai’s vision with the MetaSkull launch is to dispel the notion of fear and negative attitudes towards death amongst Chinese communities. His art often combines traditional Eastern art techniques and Western pop art references that serve as the perfect way to express this message and create truly unique art pieces that establish harmony between the cultural extremes.

Jacky found international recognition when the late Alexander McQueen adopted his iconic floral skull emblem for the 2008 spring/summer menswear collection. The unique skull design represents the beauty of regeneration and rebirth and explores the diverse symbolism of skulls from both western and eastern cultural perspectives. 

Jacky’s first digital project was a programmable NFT titled “Chinese Floral Skull, Lot 37” that in 2019 sold at Sotheby’s auction for $302,400 US, which was the highest price paid for an NFT designed by an Asian artist at that time.

Chinese Floral Skull NFT © Jacky Tsai

Sotheby’s Auction and Hong Kong Digital Art Fair 

To mark the launch of MetaSkull, Sotheby’s will auction the first NFT  (1/1001) in the MetaSkull Collection between 20 October – 28 October. The auction will be conducted online by Sotheby’s. The first NFT of the Metaskull collection features a unique skull design, a moon-themed terrain of a metaverse game as the backdrop, and a flying avatar. Jacky chose the NFT design to mark his voyage into the boundless metaverse – just like exploring the vast surface of the moon. 

NFT MetaSkull 元宇宙骷髅 (1/1001) © Jacky Tsai

It is highly unusual to have the best-known international auction house auction off the first NFT of an NFT collection series in conjunction with an NFT art launch. The rest of the NFTs in the MetaSkull Collection will only be made available for public minting at a later date to be decided. 

In addition, Jacky Tsai will be presenting his digital and physical art installations at the Digital Art Fair in Hong Kong from 20 October – 6 November 2022, which will be displayed in the Immersive zone of the fair. 

The Digital Art Fair Xperience recently awarded Jacky Tsai the prestigious “Digital Artist of the Year” title in recognition of Jacky’s thought-provoking and iconic digital artworks throughout his illustrious career.

MetaSkull NFT © Jacky Tsai

“I am thrilled to present my digital art masterpieces in their various forms and bring new perspectives on my art to the digital audience. The launch of MetaSkull expounds on humanity’s differing views on death, as it highlights shifting attitudes towards life and how our choices ultimately influence our journey towards the inevitable end. I relish seeing immersive digital art in the metaverse as I embark on this next phase of artistic expression.” – said Jacky Tsai.   

Whitelist Pass For Public

In line with their philosophy to democratize  game art to be accessible to the widest audience possible, Froyo Games launches a Whitelist Pass campaign for the MetaSkull collection, that will be available for sale from 19 October 2022 onwards at 0.08 ETH, limited to 300 holders at:

Each Whitelist Pass holder can enjoy minting priority for 1 MetaSkull NFT on the MetaSkull Collection eventually when the collection is launched for public minting.

MetaSkull Whitelist Pass

Jacky Tsai is a prolific art creator from Shanghai and based in London. He works with various art mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation and mono printing to deliver captivating works of art. Throughout his career, Mr Tsai has developed a unique artistic style that combines symbolic references from traditional eastern art with imagery from western pop culture, such as comic book heroes. Jacky’s notable collaborations include Martell, Alexander McQueen, Shanghai Tang and leading department stores – Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford.

Froyo Games is Web3 gaming publishing platform enabling gamers to interact with Web3 games and NFT on a single integrated platform in a seamless and hassle-free manner. Froyo Games is backed by its strategic investors that include Animoca Games, GBV, Spartan etc. Froyo Games’ main strategic partner is iCandy Interactive – the largest game development company in the Southeast Asia region, that has extensive experience making AAA and casual games globally. 

MetaSkull NFT © Jacky Tsai

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