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Exclusive Interview with a Jamaican Soul Artist Christine D. Johnson

Rich, inviting colors pull you into the joyful art of Christine D. Johnson, where you are free to reconnect with your soul. Beyond the visual layer that reflects one’s strength and natural beauty, lie affirmative messages intended to inspire and direct the viewer on a pleasant journey to inner peace.

Christine D. Johnson is a native of Jamaica who currently resides in South Carolina. She has a Master’s degree in Human Resources with an undergraduate in Psychology as well as an Art Minor. Christine has been exhibiting since 1994 and over the years has developed a unique art style that brings joyful emotions to the world.

Said Dokins’ light installation ‘Refraktur’ dazzles audience at the 2022 Querétaro Experimental International Public Art Festival in Mexico | VIDEO

Throughout the summer months of June until September, Mexican contemporary artist Said Dokins presents ‘Refraktur’ as part of the Querétaro Experimental International Public Art Festival.

The festival will show the work of over 200 artists across a wide range of disciplines, including music, theatre, dance, performance and sculpture. 

‘Refraktur’ is a site-specific installation built out of glass, metal, reflexive materials and LEDs that will be placed on the Madero boulevard in the center of the Mexican city of Queretaro.

Francia Escobar Field, renowned Colombian art patroness, exhibits “Colombia By Mateo Blanco”

Mateo Blanco is a recognized conceptual artist known for creating vivid portraits from unusual materials that have captured people’s imagination.

His portrait of Jennifer Lawrence was made with 10,000 peanuts and the flag of the United States from pieces of cloth.

Much of Mateo’s work is inspired by typography and exploration of the word art. From Cape Town to Paris, his art can be found in private collections and museums all over the world.

Now, his work “Colombia By Mateo Blanco” is part of Francia Escobar’s renowned private collection in Bogota, Colombia.

Ancient Aurum – Why Gold Antiques are a Great Investment


With this article it is my desire to reach as many owners of legally acquired gold artifacts and through our example show that you don’t have to be in hiding anymore.

With proper documentation and safety measures you can let your treasure shine without fear of theft or confiscation.

This is what this article all about; inspiring legal owners, responsible investors and collectors of ancient aurum to step into the light.

The art market needs you, investors crave for you, the world heritage depends on you.