The World Art News covers the latest news in art, antiques, and collectibles worldwide.

Inimitable in style and story, World Art News delivers ground-breaking pages of news, exclusive interviews, investigative reports, live coverage of events, and luxury about the international art market. It covers every facet of art, from paintings to costume design. You can rely on it to deliver the most intriguing stories from all around the world.

You will discover inside information about the luxury art world, artists, live events, sales, and overall marketing trends. You can discuss art with investors, dealers, and collectors. Plus, you will have access to unique areas of the international art world. You will be able to reach a new audience of connoisseurs.

Our readership spans every continent and consists of artists, collectors, historians, curators, directors, dealers, investors, public policymakers, consultants, and those with a vested interest in the global market of art, antiques, and collectibles.

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