Rembrandt’s Night Watch in Delft Blue Version: Phygital NFTs Kickstarting a New Generation of Traditional Art

By Art Attainment

The Night Watch painting by Rembrandt, reproduced on a panel of tiles, known as the “Delft Blue” version, will be launched in the physical and non-fungible token (NFT) format this March by Art Attainment, the company created by a team of Portuguese and Dutch, responsible for the project that promises to revolutionize the traditional art market by democratizing, digitizing, and eternalizing one of the greatest works of art in the world through blockchain technology.


This project is the beginning of Art Attainment’s NFT art collective, which will bring some of the greatest names in art history to the digital space, creating dynamic and interactive experiences that explore the boundaries of traditional art through technology.

Painted by two masters of the Royal Delft factory, the Delft Blue Night Watch is on display at the Royal Delft Museum in the city of Delft, Netherlands, and is composed of 480 tiles, each digitized in detail and divided into three NFTs. In addition to the digital version, collectors can claim a physical reproduction of the tile. Each tile is randomly assigned and has different degrees of rarity.

Delft Blue Night Watch has already captured the attention of the NFT market and has a vibrant community on Twitter and Discord. Those interested in being part of the community and collecting one of the NFTs should register at and follow the project on Twitter.

To join the Discord community, which provides daily discussions about art and technology, stay tuned to DBNW’s Twitter and submit your email on the website.

The NFTs can be purchased with cryptocurrencies or credit card.


The only 1:1 NFT on the collection is rumored to be Rembrandt’s self-portrait on the Night Watch and it will be up for auction this Tuesday, 14th of February. Follow the project on twitter to get more details.

According to Rafael Guerreiro, Project Lead at Art Attainment, “DBNW brings traditional art into the NFT space in a revolutionary, interactive, conceptual, and interesting way, allowing great works of art to leave museums and private collections, making them available to a united and passionate community for history, art, and technology.”

About Art Attainment

Art Attainment is an NFT Art Collective exploring the boundaries between traditional art and blockchain technology. We aim to bring traditional art masterpieces to the blockchain by creating distinctive, exclusive, and innovative art ownership experiences.

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