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Dutch Collection of Art & Antiques Fetches £2.86m at Bonhams Auction

In a dazzling spectacle of high-stakes bidding, the illustrious collection of the late Dutch connoisseur-collector Cornelis Paulus van Pauwvliet took center stage at Bonhams New Bond Street on Tuesday, November 21. The auction, a crescendo of anticipation, saw a remarkable total of £2.86 million change hands as passionate art enthusiasts vied for a piece of cultural history.

Record-Breaking Sale: Magnificent World Map Fetches £1.86 Million at Bonhams, Setting New Benchmark for Islamic Scientific Instruments

A magnificent and extremely rare Islamic Mecca-centred world map, a masterpiece from Safavid Persia, sold for £1.86 million at Bonhams Islamic and Indian Art Sale today (Tuesday 14 November). It had an estimate of £1,500,000-2,000,000. The map, formerly on display at the Harvard Museum of Art, and dating from the last quarter of the 17th century, is the finest and most complete Mecca-centred world map of only three surviving examples (the other two were discovered in 1989 and 1995) and is the most important Islamic scientific instrument ever offered at auction.

Bonhams to Showcase the Helen and David Milling Collection of Arts and Crafts Ceramics and Glass

The Helen and David Milling Collection, featuring the finest British and American art pottery and glass from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, will be showcased at Bonhams this December. Over the span of half a century, the Michigan couple meticulously assembled an exceptional collection from some of the era’s most renowned potters, designers, and artists. This distinguished assortment comprises more than 350 lots, to be presented across three sales this December: 20th Century Decorative Arts and Ceramics on December 5 in London, Modern Decorative Art & Design on December 12 in New York, and the dedicated Helen and David Milling Online auction from December 8–18 at Bonhams Skinner.

Restoration and Conservation: Elevating the Market Value of Art, Antiques & Collectibles

In the realm of art, where creativity intertwines with history, the expertise of art conservators and restorers holds unparalleled significance. Art Conservation and Restoration emerge not just as processes of preservation but as transformative journeys that breathe new life into artworks. This article explores the profound impact of art Conservation and Restoration on the value of artworks, unraveling the meticulous efforts that enhance their cultural, aesthetic, and market worth.

Researcher Who Discovered Raphael’s Long-Lost Mary Magdalene Speaks Out in an Exclusive Interview

Following the recent unveiling of Raphael Sanzio’s painting depicting Mary Magdalene, the art community was abuzz with enthusiasm, curiosity, and criticism. Numerous high-profile articles and videos were published, chronicling this historic find. While acclaimed by certain art connoisseurs and scholars, the research conducted by experts faced scrutiny from skeptics, raising questions about the masterpiece’s authenticity. In an effort to set the record straight, explain the scientific processes involved, and respond to the critiques, Annalisa Di Maria, one of the principal researchers behind this remarkable revelation, granted an exclusive interview to The World Art News. During this conversation, she provided valuable insights, addressing the concerns that had surfaced in response to this groundbreaking discovery.

The Pearl Odyssey: A Journey Through Time, Beauty, and Expertise with GemGenève

Pearls, once considered outdated and too traditional, have made a remarkable resurgence in the world of jewelry in recent years. Symbolizing wealth, prestige, and femininity, pearl jewels have transcended ages, fashions, and styles with unparalleled elegance. Constantly elevated by daring jewelers, pearls hold a special place in the history of jewelry. “The Pearl Odyssey” retraces the captivating story of pearls and their enduring tradition. Through a carefully curated selection of thirty outstanding pieces from esteemed private and heritage collections, alongside previously unseen projects and archival materials, visitors can explore the creativity and expertise developed around the world’s oldest jewel and delve into the science of pearls.

Raffaello Sanzio’s Mary Magdalene has been Found!

The recent unveiling of a remarkable masterpiece by Raffaello Sanzio, depicting Mary Magdalene and dating back to 1505, has sent shockwaves through the art world. This extraordinary find, acquired by a discerning French private collector from a gallery, has rekindled the fervor surrounding Raphael’s genius. The astute gallery owner, with a discerning eye, purchased the painting at an auction, oblivious to the fact that the poplar board had been subtly mounted onto the back of a nineteenth-century Florentine-style parquet. This feature mirrored that of another Raphael masterpiece, the three Graces, housed at the Condé Museum. Interestingly, this newfound treasure originated from a private London collection, adding a layer of mystery to its storied past.

Rare Byzantine Treasure Resurrected: Restoring the Sacred ‘Ierosolimitiko’ Icon Unites Past and Present

In this captivating story, a team of experts from Venis Studios undertakes an extraordinary conservation and restoration journey to revive a rare and historically significant “Ierosolimitiko” icon found within Kuruçeşme’s Saint Demetrius church in Istanbul. The remarkable artwork, depicting Jerusalem and the Holy Land, suffered severe damage and wear over time, but through meticulous scientific research and traditional techniques, the team successfully brought it back to life. The restoration process involved delicate cleaning, selective retouching, and careful lining interventions to provide stable support for the ancient canvas. The hidden beauty of the sacred icon was unveiled, capturing the imagination of viewers as they discover its profound religious and artistic significance. The successful preservation of this ancient treasure not only rescues memories from the Holy Lands but also safeguards tradition and history, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

Salvator Mundi: a Bone of Contention – Prominent Art Restorer Speaks Out

Salvator Mundi is a remarkable painting by Leonardo da Vinci, known for its record-breaking sale of $450 million. This renowned artwork possesses a long and intriguing history, with some experts dating its creation back to the late 1490s, while others argue it was completed after 1500. There is a theory suggesting that it may have been commissioned for King Louis XII of France and his consort, Anne of Brittany, possibly soon after the conquests of Milan and Genoa. However, it is important to note that not all historians accept this theory. By delving into the painting’s history from its inception to the present day, we can observe the impact of the art market, pricing, and the various interventions it has undergone.

Geneva Attracts China with Antiques from the Mavromichalis Collection – 100% of Lots Sold Totaling $3 Million

The Asian art auction held in Geneva this week garnered significant attention from China’s top collectors, resulting in an impressive $3 million in sales. This remarkable achievement not only establishes a new record for the auction house in this field but also solidifies Piguet’s position as a prominent player in Chinese art auctions. Chinese collectors made dedicated visits to Geneva, while others participated through telephone and online bidding, engaging in spirited competition with European and Swiss collectors, all vying to possess one of the extraordinary Chinese jades from the renowned Mavromichalis collection.