3 Valuable Toy Cars & Trucks That Your Kids Could Be Playing With Right Now

Ever wanted to have a car dealership as a kid? Maybe you desired an exotic car collection but couldn’t afford it? Well, this is your lucky day! All over North America and the world at large, adults of many ages relive their childhood memories through their beloved childhood toy cars and truck, paying handsomely for specific models. Surprisingly, some of these toys aren’t even that old, but then again, neither are adults who seek them. Seriously, there are toy car dealers who make good money buying, selling, and trading these vehicles. If you think that’s crazy, we got news for you – toy car repair shops exist as well! So when your kids get back from their 4×4 off-road trip with a busted tire, you know where to go. Just don’t forget insurance.

All kidding aside, toy cars and trucks represent a substantial portion of the collectibles market, so we assembled 6 top-selling rides from the Tamoikin’s auction that fetch a few dollars. If you have these rides somewhere in your attic or basement, perhaps it’s time to dust them off and put up a ‘For Sale’ sign. Judge for yourself.

1985 Radio Shack ‘Dash 49‘ Toy Truck | $50-150

Courtesy of Tamoikin’s Auction

This 1980s toy off-roader is one of the hottest things on the market. It is battery-powered and has an actual fully functional 4×4 system. Even with some wear-and-tear and without a remote control, a non-working truck like this sells for about $50. If you have a like-new model with a remote control and in an original box, and we could be talking three times as much money. But it’s not just the price, these Dash 49 mini-monsters sell fast, says the Tamoikin’s Auction – there’s a strong demand for them. For every such truck, they usually have more than five buyers. The probability is high that prices on this Radio Shak model will rise substantially over the next few years.

1986 Mattel Barbie Ferrari 328 | $40-120

Courtesy of Tamoikin’s Auction

This gigantic 21 inch Barbie Ferrari toy is another hot seller, according to Tamoikin’s. Even without a windshield, which often goes missing, these toy sports cars sell between $30-50. Complete models in an original case have sold as high as $120.

1999 Tonka Fire Rescue H1 HUMMER | $40-100

Courtesy of Tamoikin’s Auction

No serious toy collection is complete without this iconic behemoth. A 13-inch Tonka HUMMER from the late 90s – early 2000s is a sought-after truck by many collectors. After all, what boy hasn’t dreamed of owning one of these for real. With flashing lights and sounds, a mint condition Humvee is not a toy – it’s a valuable asset!

1980s Barbie Turbo Corvettes | $30-80

1985 | 1983

If you thought that Barbies only drive Ferraris, think again. These 19-inch All-American sports cars bring back joyful childhood memories in many women all across North America. Now, when their husbands go to tinker with a full-size version in the garage, the ladies can reminisce over their own personal classic 1980s Corvette. Some of these models were manufactured overseas, a great deal of them produced in the USA, something that appeals to many collectors.

2005 Mattel ‘Batman Begins’ Batmobile | $20-120

Courtesy of Tamoikin’s Auction

Holy Tumbler, Batman! Is this a truck or a sports car? We promised you not-so-old toys that have value so consider the real possibility that this Batmobile can be in your kid’s hands right now, and who knows what kind of damage is being done to it. Go and check because a mint condition Tumbler like this in an original box could sell for more than $120 but these models lose value very quickly once parts are lost, so whatever you do, don’t put Robin behind the wheel.

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