Exclusive interview with Sandy Copeman, founder of the World’s Finest scale models company – The Amalgam Collection | Part 1

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Ferraris, Bugattis, McLarens, GT40s, Formula 1s, Superyachts and even Spitfire planes – they’ve got ‘em all and in scale. The World Art News presents to you Part One of our Exclusive Interview with Sandy Copeman, the founder of the Amalgam Collection – the finest scale models company in the World!


It’s loaded with stunning photography of the most exotic sportscars and how they are made. The detail and craftsmanship of these models is so precise you’ll have trouble telling them apart from the real deal.

These works of fine automotive art are sought-after by celebrities, luxury brands, galleries, and museums such as the Louvre, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, and many others. The Amalgam Collection is an amazing place where Art meets Auto, creating spectacular automotive artworks that every automobile enthusiast and art connoisseur must see.

With artisans across three workshops in the UK, Hungary and China, Amalgam has been offering its scale automobile model services for over a quarter of a century. Founder Sandy Copeman first approached the Jordan Grand Prix and Williams Formula 1 teams in 1995, offering meticulous renditions of their cars for display and gifting purposes. Copeman approached Ferrari in 1998, and Amalgam has since been embraced as part of ‘La Famiglia Ferrari’ (The Ferrari Family), creating beautiful scale replicas of every subsequent Ferrari Formula 1 car, and every Ferrari road car since 2006.

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To date, what are the top 3 most expensive models you’ve ever sold? 

Number 1 was a unique commission for a wooden sailing galleon we built for a world-famous artist.  We are sworn to secrecy but it was a really exciting project as well as being very significant financially.

Next in line was a commissioned series of one-off models of cars owned by a leading Swiss watchmaker.

Finally a model of the McLaren F1 GTR Art Car painted by Cesar.


What is the most complex model you’ve ever produced? 

Probably the recently finished Ford GT40 at 1:8 scale.


What are your most popular models?  

About 50% of our entire output is Ferrari, split equally between modern road cars, F1 cars and classics.

Ferrari SF90 © The Amalgam Collection
Ferrari SF1000 © The Amalgam Collection
Ferrari 250 TR © The Amalgam Collection

What are your largest and smallest models?

The largest are full size steering wheel replicas.  In terms of cars we have made 1:2 in the past and are regularly making 1:4 now.

 Mercedes-AMG F1 © The Amalgam Collection

The smallest are our Miniature Sculptures, around 4 inches (11 cm) long.


How limited are your Limited Edition models?

They are definitely limited. We make anything from 1 to 500 pieces depending on the size and value. 

© The Amalgam Collection

You must work with celebrities, luxury brands and museums; are you able to talk about it and if possible, show what you’ve made for them?  

We certainly do get commissions from celebrities, but we are not at liberty to talk about those projects except in the most general terms as above. 

Regarding luxury brands:

We have worked with Ralph Lauren since 2010 supplying 1:8 models of the 17 cars that he exhibited in Paris that year.  It’s a relationship that continues to grow.  

We do have some great pictures of scanning Ralph’s cars in Les Arts Decoratifs (the commercial art annexe of the Louvre in Paris) and of course of those models at in store events too.

We also made models as part of window displays for Louis Vuitton.

© The Amalgam Collection

We work with MR PORTER to create special models for their VIPs and to supply some of our very high-end special edition models like the Spitfire and X-15.

North American X-15A-2 © The Amalgam Collection
Supermarine Spitfire MK 1A © The Amalgam Collection

Most recent luxury retail relationships to begin have been SKP and ProDrive in China. We supply unbranded bespoke models for one of the world’s most famous British car manufacturers, but unfortunately which one has to remain a not very well kept secret!

To view the full range of available models, visit:

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Part 2 of our Exclusive Interview with Sandy Copeman, founder of the Amalgam Collection

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