€1 Million Encaustic Gold Art Collection from Michael Gavrieli

THE 24 KARAT COMET |  24 Karat Gold | 120 cm x 170 cm | 2018 | © Michael Gavrieli

By Richard Allano | Promotion

Michael Gavrieli is a luxury artist from Europe, who creates exclusive art for high-end clientele. Mixing 24 karat gold and fine silver with hot, coloured bee wax, Michael paints unique encaustic artworks in the style of the ancient Romans that you won’t find anywhere else.

An exclusive “Encaustic Gold Edition” collection, valued at €1,000,000, will be exhibited at the Amber Lounge Fashion Show during Monaco Grand Prix next year, followed by an action of these one-of-a-kind paintings. Symbolizing power, energy, wealth, and iconic status, this golden art collection is bound to last for centuries. At the center of the exhibition there will be Michael Gavrieli’s masterpiece: “The Golden Phoenix,” the most expensive 24 karat gold encaustic artwork in the world.

THE GOLDEN PHOENIX |  24 Karat Gold | 120 cm x 170 cm | 2018 | © Michael Gavrieli

Encaustic art was quite popular in the Roman, Byzantine, and Russian Empires, nowadays however, not many artists choose this genre due to costly materials and complexity of process. Instead of widely available acrylic and oil paints, an encaustic artist uses hot colored bee wax which is traditionally applied on gold or silver leaf-covered surfaces, resulting in a stunning visual effect.

Since the wax hardens quickly, it’s not easy to get everything right from the first try, which is one of the reasons why many find it somewhat challenging to work with the encaustic technique. Errors made can be quite costly to an unskilled artist, add precious metals and you better be on top of your game. As Michael puts it:

“Mixing unique colors together using special heating techniques produces spectacular colors and shapes that you can’t reproduce with acrylic or oil paint. Over the years I’ve discovered a unique combination of heat sources, bee waxes, and precious materials that work amazing together, resulting in paintings that will last for centuries!”

THE GOLDEN PHOENIX |  24 Karat Gold | 120 cm x 170 cm | 2018 | © Michael Gavrieli

Michael Gavrieli’s art career is somewhat unusual as he unexpectedly discovered his passion for encaustic art in his 30s, quite late for a new artist. One night he had a dream about stunning 24 karat gold paintings that were destined for greatness. After waking up, Michael couldn’t let this vison go and decided to make that dream into a reality. He began looking for art styles and techniques that could help him recreate the golden masterpieces he saw in his dream. One day Michael’s wife introduced him to encaustic art.

“I fell in love with it right away and from then on I knew what my mission in life was. Over the years I invested a lot of time, energy, and resources into this vision, even as some laughed at my passion and tried to discourage me.”

Luxembourg Art Fair 2018 | © Michael Gavrieli

After a lot of hard work, in 2018, his vison came true and since then, Michael held exhibitions in Monaco, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, and Slovakia, where he sold over 40 of his paintings. Michael cooperated with high-end brands like Boutsen Design, Amber Lounge Grand Prix, MSJ Collection, Kempinski Hotels, and Zion Spa Luxury. And this is just the beginning!

“I’m looking to create exclusive, inspiring, historical, and influential artworks that will convey joy, style, and value.” says Michael.

“When observing how Gavrieli composes his colours, it is critically important to view the sustained contemplation and peaceful mediation, releasing your mind from strictly rational pondering. It is as if he is creating mandalas, those ritualistic geometric designs symbolic of the universe.” – Martin Šugár PhD, art expert

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