METRO NEWS: Soviet painting by Czeslaw Znamierowski sold in China for $120,000

Czeslaw Znamierowski, an artist who died forty years ago, is gaining fame in the 21st century. His artwork recently sold for $120,000 in China, setting a personal record. Znamierowski’s paintings began to be bought up by oriental auctions, galleries, and collectors, according to the Chinese news agencies Sina and Sohu, as well as the Taiwanese financial newspaper cMoney.

Znamierowski, Czeslaw Viktorovich (1890-1977), was a famous Soviet artist. In the 1990s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Znamierowski was completely forgotten. However, recently, both Western and Eastern collectors became interested in his paintings, as well as a number of large art funds, which began to acquire his work. In a relatively short time, the cost of Czeslaw Znamierowski’s paintings increased from several hundred to tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2018, a small landscape of Znamierowski was sold to an Israeli buyer at a German auction for almost $70,000, which was a record for that time, and a month ago, the PRC news agencies reported that a representative of a large American art fund in Shanghai bought a painting by Znamierowski called “River”, created in 1964, for $120,000, setting a new record for the artist.

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Later it became known that the painting remained in China and is in the socialist realism collection of this fund. The Chinese clearly like that Znamierowski was a supporter of communism. They colorfully describe how he participated in the 1917 revolution, during which he was arrested and almost executed, but fortunately escaped and continued his revolutionary work. Later he devoted all his time to art and became a famous socialist realism artist not only in the Soviet Union, but also in the world at large.

As Chinese journalists write: “Despite the Cold War, his works were regularly exhibited and sold to national museums, galleries and private collectors in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, and other countries. Until the collapse of the USSR he was often mentioned in books, magazines, newspapers, and his works were exhibited in national museums and galleries, including The State Tretyakov Gallery. Now all this forgotten historical information is being revised and studied by authoritative art institutions and collectors in China, Russia, the USA, and the EU. Realization of the true potential of Znamierowski as historical socialist painter, contributes to the rise in prices for his works.”

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