ART IN SPACE! Interview with Sabrina Terence

Sabrina Terence is a record setting abstract artist that became the first to successfully send her artwork 65 km (over 200,000 feet) high into space in October of 2016. She discovered her interest in art in 1998 during her first painting lesson while living in Germany. Since then, Sabrina has attended many art exhibitions worldwide such as Art Basel, Art Berlin, and Art Fair Singapore to name a few.

She attributes her inspiration as an artist to abstract art as she finds her artistic creations to be fresher and more sophisticated. Utilizing a precise blend of acrylic and oil on canvas, she creates her signature work consisting of bright and bold colors with various effects and techniques. Here’s our exclusive interview with Sabrina:

How did you come up with the idea of sending your art to space, who organized it, and why was this important for you?

When I started painting in 2015, I wanted to be unique. There was the standard option to have my first art exhibition in an art gallery. I thought “let me do something different” and came up with the idea of sending my painting “Serenity” up to space.  I never even thought the painting will land back safely and we can find it by GPS. But it did and since then I have it in most of my exhibitions with a video of its trip to the stratosphere in the background.

What inspired you to start painting?

I always loved art but never had the time to really focus on it. While touring around the world for several years as a DJ I had time to think and in 2015 I realized that I needed to balance my life. After meditating for some time I had a spiritual awaking. I felt the need to paint and when I did, I lost myself in the canvas. Now, painting for me is the ultimate meditation and creative expression. It’s a spiritual journey and a continual exploration of life.

On average, how long does it take for you to create an artwork?

I would say 2 weeks if it’s just one piece. However “The Black Edition” took me almost 1 year because I used a special oil color which, just to dry properly, took 6 months.

What materials do you use?

Acrylic paint and mixed mediums are my favorites. They dry faster and you can easily play around with them. The “Black & Silver Edition” I’ve done with oil on wood and that was a challenge. Not only was it difficult to create the Vinyl effect that I wanted but as I’ve said, it took a long time to dry.

What makes your art unique?

First of all I would like to say that by creating new art pieces I truly believe that every artist is already unique. When it comes to myself, I feel that I have multiple art styles that allow me to express my ideas. Sometimes I work in monochrome black or silver oil, at other times I totally go into colorful abstracts. I just don’t want to limit myself and that makes my art unique.

How do you come up with new art ideas?

I have my creativity seasons and phases. In the winter I’m more relaxed but not as creative as I would like to be, however come spring and summer, my mind is flooded with new ideas and I can’t wait to express them on canvas.

Why is your art valuable?

Money is a measure of how much someone values your art socially.

What is the most expensive painting you ever sold?

To date, the most expensive paintings I ever sold is called the “Circle of Life”. It was painted with oil on wood. This Special Edition took 6 months to complete. I sold it for quite a bit and was happy the client appreciated my work.

Black & Silver Edition “Circle of Life 777” (Oil on wood 145cm)

What makes your art career profitable?

I am blessed to have my studio in my house, so there is low overhead costs on of most things, thus I only need to invest in the standard material like wood, canvas, paints etc. I do my own marketing as well.

Some of your artworks are quite large, how do you decide what size a painting will be and what is the typical size of your artwork?

My largest paintings at the moment are 200 x 200 cm. Most of my Black Edition artworks are 100-150 cm because making them smaller in that style won’t look well.

Which paintings sell better, larger or smaller?

I sell abstract faces the most. Size-wise, I would say medium artworks, around 100 cm.

How do you deliver your large art to clients?

I found a way of shipping them in a wooden crate so they safely reach my clients.

From what countries do your clients come from and how old are they?

Many of my clients are from Germany, United Arab Emirates and the United States. Their ages range from 25 to 70.

Was it risky to start your art career?

For me, art was never a risk. The way I see it, if you work at it, you will always have a big collection of paintings in your home or studio that you can sell.

What are some failures and setbacks you have encountered since starting your art business?

In the past I’ve shipped some of my paintings at my expense to art galleries that couldn’t find a buyer, but that is the risk that every artist encounters sooner or later. That’s why artists need to be careful and do their best to find galleries that will cover for their shipping expense, which can be compensated to the gallery after the art is sold.

How has COVID impacted your business and what changes, if any, did you have to make?

I had many art shows planned in Düsseldorf, London, and New York. They all got postponed due to COVID-19. Now I’m waiting for an easier way to travel as I have to be there. I am still grateful for everything – life can always be worse. In the end its not about how much money you make, but rather being present and happy with what you have.

How do you promote your art?

Mainly on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as my website:

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  1. Sabrina Terence.. This woman is a rockstar! She’s a gem of a soul!

    Not only is she a beautiful model, an incredible DJ, an amazing abstract artist.. the best quality of her is that she’s always happy and positive to meet and work with..

    Despite being immensely successful and world famous, she’s humble and down to earth.. she’s definitely a role model to many young women and men out there..

    And not only this, she is also an incredible reiki healer who has helped many of her fans and followers including me during last year’s COVID outbreak and the subsequent global lockdown!

    If you haven’t seen her work then you are definitely missing something!

  2. I’m in Awe in how beautiful Sabrina’s Art and herself are. I found out about her with this Art in Space post. She made me want to start painting again. I painted in high school with acrylic. Matter of fact it was a 3ft by 4ft painting of a red dart frog on a big green leaf. The whole canvas was covered in so many different colors of greens to make the leaf. And the frog was bright and wet looking with red in oranges. I had a buyer for 300 and I just couldn’t sell. It was displayed at our local mall. I was so happy. I lost it because my foster mother gave it to the Salvation Army and needless to say I never painted again. ;(
    Thank you Sabrina for sharing your most Awesome story of Art in Space. It really made me think.

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