ORTHO Successfully Launches Fashion Metaverse – Designer Le Thanh Hoa Delivers Unique Show

Ortho x Le Thanh Hoa Runway Metaverse

Fashion-oriented metaverse platform ORTHO – a Vietnamese digital fashion house – has successfully launched its virtual world that combines high fashion and high-tech elements. On October 27, ORTHO and famous Vietnamese fashion designer Le Thanh Hoa (LTH) organized the first virtual runway fashion show to present his unique collection called AN, which translates as peace. In addition to the metaverse runway experience, he delivered a physical show in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

The virtual show enjoyed tremendous success, attracting about 1,000 people who savored the fashion experience in the metaverse. Two hundred exclusive guests received invitations in the form of non-fungible token (NFT) cocoons and revealed them on stage. Upon revealing, six lucky NFT holders got their hands on six exclusive NFTs that can be used to redeem physical silk dresses from LTH’s collection.

Ortho x Le Thanh Hoa Runway Metaverse- Cocoon No. 12

Metaverse development platform Spatial powers the virtual runway show by ORTHO. The fashion-oriented space was third on top trending metaverses of Spatial on October 27.

The simultaneous display of both the physical show and the metaverse experience was received with positive reactions. Visitors of the virtual runway, which had realistic visual elements, enjoyed moving through the metaverse space with their avatars.  

The physical show in Hanoi was attended by about 200 guests from the fashion industry. The presentation was filled with nostalgic, peaceful, yet not melancholic imagery. Visitors could feel the vibrancy of Milano Red tone coatings and East Asian elements.

You can watch the highlights moments of both the virtual runway show and the physical event in ORTHO’s exclusive video:

ORTHO Let’s Metaverse Users Express Fashion Authenticity

ORTHO is an open metaverse platform dedicated to fashion innovation. It aims to build a fashion community where each creative identity is respected and has an equal chance of demonstrating its unique talent. The platform promotes genuine authenticity backed by secured ownership.

ORTHO, whose core values derive from high-fashion and high-tech trends, develops fashion-oriented events and virtual spaces, digital collectibles, marketplaces, as well as physical products. It currently relies on the technology provided by Spatial, a US-based metaverse development company. ORTHO serves fashion curators, collectors, and all fashion admirers.

The fashion metaverse platform is the creation of Xno Bui, a fashion and metaverse expert. After receiving her MBA in luxury brand management from the British School of Fashion in London, UK, Xno held several positions, helping fashion and metaverse companies with her creative skills. She also served as the Chief Metaverse Officer at Whydah, a leading Web3 company in Vietnam.

For Xno, it was imperative to bring her UK experience to Vietnam. She told local media:

“Metaverse in general in Vietnam is still very limited, the products are at a primitive level with a modest number of users.”

She added that the booming NFT and metaverse trend reflected the demand for expressing ourselves in the digital age, and digital fashion might be the next big trend.

“After owning stylish avatars, everyone’s next need will be what to wear for their digital avatars. As such, there will be a huge demand for fashion in the metaverse world,” Xno explained.

While the concept of digital ID has been in the spotlight thanks to the expansion of Web3, remaining authentic and original in the digital world is still a challenge. ORTHO gives metaverse fans all the tools to express their originality and reflect their status.

You can see the NFT dresses on ORTHO’s Gallery Page.

Ortho x Le Thanh Hoa Runway Metaverse – Cocoon No. 141

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