High-End Art and Celebrity Collaborations: Exclusive Interview with Renowned Curator Jean-David Malat | Part 1

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Jean-David Malat is a distinguished celebrity art curator and owner of JD Malat Gallery. His collaborations with icons like Madonna, Kate Moss, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bono have solidified his prominence within the art world. Jean-David’s perspective within the art community stands out due to a unique blend of expertise, evoking admiration and garnering accolades. This quality makes him an engaging interviewee, as his insights possess the power to captivate and enlighten.


With a convergence of experiences, a profound understanding of the ever-evolving art industry, and collaborations with luminaries, JD offers a perspective as compelling as it is illuminating. His journey through the tapestry of art, culture, and collaborative endeavors with celebrities presents a riveting narrative that consistently augments the enriching fabric of the artistic landscape.

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What is the most expensive artwork, collection, or exhibition that you had to work with?

In the past, I facilitated the sale of remarkable pieces by Chagall and an important Francis Bacon diptych for approximately 10 million USD.

What have you learned from working with celebrities such as Madonna, Kate Moss, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bono? Can you share any memorable stories about them with our readers?

Maintaining discretion with my collectors and offering them the best advice has always been my approach. A notable memory is when Pierce Brosnan visited my gallery in Mayfair during my first exhibition with Henrik Uldalen. He congratulated me on the gallery’s opening, which was a moment I’ll always cherish.

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Can you tell our readers about your childhood, family, and the environment you grew up in? Were you an artistic child?

I grew up in a Paris suburb with my parents and my two sisters. My dad was a furrier, and my mother was a bookseller. Although my family wasn’t particularly connected to the art world, my mother occasionally took us to museums like the Musée d’Orsay or the Louvre on Wednesdays. My initial exposure to art came from selling Parisian souvenirs near the Musée d’Orsay, where I engaged with tourists about the museum’s art collection.


What inspired you to choose art as a career?

Art wasn’t initially on my career path. When I arrived in London in 2000, I began working as a sales assistant at a fashion store on Sloane Street with minimal funds. Over time, I advanced to become the Manager and Director of the brand. However, I realized the fashion industry wasn’t my long-term calling. In 2002 or 2003, during my visit to the Tate Britain, I encountered a Francis Bacon Exhibition that ignited my interest in art. In 2005, I started as a sales assistant in a commercial art gallery in London, which marked the beginning of my journey in the art world.

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

Can you share your success story about how you became a renowned figure in the art world?

I dedicated more than 15 years of hard work, often for six to seven days a week, to learn and grow. After gaining experience from working for others, I knew I would eventually establish my own gallery to follow my artistic vision. Though I once focused on secondary market sales, such as works by Picasso, Renoir, Bacon, and Chagall, the joy of connecting collectors with art I believed in was incomparable. This sentiment led me to establish JD Malat Gallery in 2017 and open the gallery on Davies Street in June 2018.

How do you approach curating art for high-net-worth individuals?

There’s no fixed rulebook. Regardless of the audience’s financial status, it’s imperative to always consider your audience when curating any exhibition. The curation must be convincing, and success will follow suit.

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

In your experience, what are the biggest mistakes high-end art buyers make?

A common error is following trends blindly. While most of my clients avoid this pitfall, it’s evident how easily one can be swayed to buy based solely on hype. To be a discerning collector, one needs genuine love and appreciation for an artist and their work.


What do you believe are the key elements that make a successful collaboration between an art curator and an artist or celebrity?

In my perspective, trust and open-mindedness are paramount. As a curator, you act as an interpreter, mediator, and gatekeeper for the artist. When working with celebrities, privacy is of utmost importance.

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

What sacrifices did you have to make to become successful in this business?

I’ve dedicated a substantial amount of my personal time. Driven by ambition, I allocate most of my time to my artists and the gallery.

Do you collect art, and if so, can you share anything about your most interesting pieces?

I possess one of Kojo Marfo’s earlier works, which graces my home. Additionally, I own exquisite pieces by Damien Hirst, Ed Moses, and Keith Haring.

Exclusive Interview with Jean-David Malat – Part 2

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