NFT DROP: Shantell Martin & Ben Sheppee will release their Third Collection “Lapidarist” | VIDEO

Absence 01 (Black gem)
Sometimes we need to go away to know where it is we are from and want to go.
© Shantell Martin & Ben Sheppee

The NFTs will be available for purchase here on on June 3rd at 3:30 PST

British artists Shantell Martin and Ben Sheppee will release their third NFT drop on June 3rd, entitled Lapidarist. A collaborative ongoing series of works, Lapidarist deconstructs and transforms solid or valid entities. The three-dimensional nature of the now abstract structures, each of which floats aimlessly in space, contributes to their ambiguity as something imagined attempts to become something real.

“Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed using this medium to explore my lines in other forms, collaborate, and push and evolve in many ways. I’m excited to see the Solitaire continue and grow into this new ‘Lapidarist’ collection.”

– Shantell Martin

The three works are Absence (Sometimes we need to go away to know where it is we are from and want to go), Presence (Be present, you exist, you are here), and Transience (Make the most of this day, this year, this life).

With a collaborative working relationship that spans 15 years, artists Martin and Sheppee have styles that both contrast and complement each other’s practice, style, and work. 

“Shantell and I have been working together on several drops now and have a fluid workflow, which allows us to create freely and without limits. From a 3d perspective, this particular series is quite generative; I use exploded primitives and virtual physics to form the base of these structures so that the design doesn’t become overly conscious. Then we share files and decorate them with animated versions of Shantell’s drawing. Each of these forms floats ambiently, which is a result of the dynamics simulation and contributes to these works’ monolithic atmosphere.”

– Ben Sheppee
Presence 01  (White gem)
Be present, you exist, you are here.
© Shantell Martin & Ben Sheppee

About the artists

Shantell Martin is one of today’s most groundbreaking multimedia artists. Known for her ongoing exploration of the vast potential of the drawn line, below the surface of her signature black and white drawing is an exploration of the reciprocal relationship between artist and viewer, in which a work of art is more than an object of admiration. Exploring themes such as intersectionality, identity, and play, Shantell is a cultural facilitator, forging new connections between fine art, education, design, philosophy, and technology.

Ben Sheppee has been part of the visual arts scene for over twenty years, setting up “Lightrhythm”; an art publisher which released 240 films by over 70 artists. As an artist, his approach often involves disrupting digital processes, where he seeks new aesthetics or “happy accidents” which form the base of his designs. Sheppee has worked with high-profile brands and institutions such as Dior, DKNY, the BBC, and the British Library, and has exhibited his work extensively, with venues including Tate, ICA, SFMOMA, Serpentine, and The National Portrait Gallery.

Project Credits: Art & Original Music by Shantell Martin | 3D design and animation by Ben Sheppee | Max Bucksbaum – Nifty Gateway

Transience 01 (Glass gem)
Make the most of this day, this year, this life.
© Shantell Martin & Ben Sheppee

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