The First “Gallery Creation” by Hong Kong Gallery


‘Gallery can also create its own brand’

PRESS RELEASE | Hong Kong, July 1, 2022 — A local creative label & Gallery YOUNGCLUB launched BRAX – the first gallery-created character, as an art series based on youth and artists. 

In the image of a young artist, BRAX explores and grows in its adventure journey, creating a series of stories in the dreamland, vividly presenting the value and adventurousness of the young generation. BRAX is a forever 17-years-old character keeping its identity hidden by wearing a doll costume. It can be a character representing any of us in society. This 17-year-old teenager starts his own journey with its costume, arouses the resonance of young artists on the way of creation, and brings back memories of their youth. As a project produced by a gallery, BRAX proposed the idea that – ‘Gallery can also create its own brand’. From the choices of color to the detailed and powerful lines, BRAX shows the creator’s bold and prominent creative style. 

The works are printed and published in traditional large canvas frames in archive digital printing format, each work is accompanied by an NFT certificate. In this series, BRAX will strike a balance between digital creation and traditional printing in this new era, to pay more attention to actual experience of digital art. At the same time, to encourage the public to experience collecting printing artworks and appreciate arts in daily lives. 


Each BRAX product is accompanied by an NFT certificate provided by ERC-20. Blockchain confirms the ownership and authenticity of an NFT, all records are immutable and public. This protects the rights of both creators and collectors. After an exclusive debut in the Pop-up store “The METACADE by PONG Groups”, BRAX will also meet the public in “ARTAVERSE”, a large-scale outdoor exhibition in June.

About YOUNGCLUB YOUNGCLUB (Youngclub Creative Limited) is a Creative Label and Art Project Consultancy founded in 2020, aspires to become the first Consultancy for the next generation in stimulating innovative values for the art and cultural development in Hong Kong. In the past year, we planned more than 7+ creative projects, connected more than 30+ young artists, and brought together more than 30+ sponsors and enterprises. We aim to drive and connect young artists in forming an advanced and avant-garde artistic voice, building an interdisciplinary community among artists, curators, corporate companies and the local community.

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