Igor Carl Fabergé Foundation to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

 Nephrite Egg © I.C. Fabergé Foundation

The Foundation of Igor Carl Fabergé, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, aims to raise awareness of the work and life of Carl Fabergé during his time as a jeweler at the Imperial Court in St. Petersburg, Russia. It brings together many books, publications, memorabilia, and other historic objects relating to his professional artistic activity. The same aim also extends to his grandson, Igor Carl Fabergé and his personal works of jewellery art.


The Foundation provides assistance as well as useful and necessary recommendations for researches and experts in order to maintain the quality and prestige of the works bearing the name of Carl Fabergé or any of his descendants, and particularly Igor Carl Fabergé.

The House of «C. Fabergé» in Saint-Petersburg made jewelry for the Royal Courts of Russia, Great Britain, Sweden and Siam (now Thailand). Carl Fabergé was appointed as the official supplier to the Imperial Court by Alexander III, while Nicholas II made him the Jeweler and Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia. His Majesty, King Chulalongkorn, the prince of Siam also made him the court jeweler and enameller, and was a great admirer of his art.

After the 1900 world’s fair in Paris, Fabergé acquired many customers from around the world, including in Europe and America. Russian Grand Princes and a significant part of the European nobility quickly became regular customers of the House of C. Fabergé.


Peter-Carl Fabergé (Carl Gustavovitch in Russian) was born in Saint-Petersburg on the 30th of May, 1846 into the family of jeweler and master goldsmith Gustav Fabergé, who had opened a modest workshop on the Bolchaïa Morskaïa street.

Igor Carl Agathonovich Fabergé, his grandson, is a jeweler as well as the creator of ‘haute couture’. He was born in Levashovo, near Saint-Petersburg, in 1907. In December 1918, after the Bolshevik Revolution, Igor with his mother and brothers fled Russia by crossing the frozen Gulf of Finland.

Fabergé Foundation
Silver on Gold Demantoid Garnet Brooch with Rose Cut Diamonds © I.C. Fabergé Foundation

With no descendants, he decided to create a foundation which would bear his name, manage his shares, and licenses after his passing. He died in Geneva in 1982 and was buried in Cannes alongside Carl Fabergé and Augusta Fabergé. To date, the jewellery art of Igor Carl Fabergé is not widely known.

The committee has decided to celebrate his Foundation’s 40th anniversary as well as the date of passing of Igor Carl Fabergé by bringing together collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world at their headquarters in Geneva, an important place for the Fabergé family.


Thanks to the trust, hospitality and expertise of the Salon International GemGenève teams, the Foundation is honored to organize an exhibition in partnership with GemGenève for the next edition of the trade fair in November 2022.

The Foundation is delighted to present a range of pieces representing the vast expertise of Carl Fabergé and his skilled craftsmen, ranging from imperial eggs to objets de vertu, bearing witness to the elegance of his work. For more information please visit:

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