ART. BUSINESS. FREEDOM! Exclusive Interview with Willem Vos | Part 2 – Dare!

Willem in his studio © Willem Vos

Willem Vos is an enterprising new artist from the Netherlands. After selling his international company, he threw himself completely into making art and selling his works. Mainly because of Willem’s choice to live a different life he has become an inspiration for people that want to successfully change course as well. His artworks are powerful and quite large, they are full of color, energy, and meaning. Clearly Willem has an impressive talent and high potential, which is why The World Art News is pleased to share Part 2 of his First Exclusive Interview with our global audience.

PART 1 of our Exclusive Interview with Willem Vos

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How long did it take you to achieve financial success as an artist and what lessons did you learn along the way?  

I started working as an artist on a commission basis and was good financially from the very beginning. I am truly grateful for that, however now I spend only 20% of my time on commission-based work, the rest is pure creativity. 

The most important lessons I learned along the way:

Always follow your own ideas!

Dare to trust your intuition!

Dare to dream!

Dare to ask for help!

Dare to be vulnerable!

Dare to be tough when necessary!

The difference is in daring – and then doing!

True Colors – Woman 1 © Willem Vos
Just like the moon I go through phases
Size 140 x 100 cm

How do you come up with innovative art ideas?  

As an artist, I get my inspiration from nature, love, dreams, wonder about the world and life itself, and of course the feeling of absolute freedom! My own past, present and thoughts of the future. 

What makes your art unique? 

Because I am an autodidact and have no art training I approach a creation of an artwork somewhat differently. Perhaps this is refreshing to some.

All artworks of mine have a deeper meaning, where everyone has the freedom and space to make their own interpretations of it. 

“I get my inspiration from nature”

What is your favorite or most exotic work of art?

All my artworks are dear to me. There are always a lot of my own emotions and feelings in them.  But with the artwork ‘New Times’ a painting with a white-necked raven, there’s just an extra connection. It is said that a white-necked raven is a bringer of prosperity and happiness. 

This artwork represents the beginning. It closes turbulent times and opens a new future with many opportunities and possibilities! I work from emotion on all my art, but I have to admit, with this work there is an additional depth of feelings that were evoked in me. 

 New Times © Willem Vos 
‘The white-necked raven, known as the bringer of prosperity and good fortune’
Size 150 cm x 100 cm / 59,06 x 39,37 inch

Who are your favorite artists and which artworks have influenced you the most? 

Of course the “old masters” such as a Rembrandt, I find fantastic to study and observe. Rembrandt and his colleagues were the photographers of the time. But also Willem de Kooning and Dali inspire me. Furthermore, nowadays there are a lot of fanatic artists, who create beautiful works. I find the difference in technique very interesting, how other artists make some elements in their work. 

What types of art do you like to surround yourself with? 

I visit one of the wonderful museums in the Netherlands at least twice a month. Not only to look at paintings, I also like to see installations, sculptures and textiles. In addition, even though I like to work in silence myself, music remains an art form that I really appreciate. I also like to see photography and modern media. 

True Colors © Willem Vos 

What do you think is the most important skill someone must have to be a good artist? 

Of course, as an artist you have to have a certain focus, a unique way of looking at the world, and be able to convey that unique view in what you create. 

Yet I think that in addition to focus and talent, you have to be business-minded. Try to understand that everyone in this world wants to make money. Including you and your artworks. You are part of the art world, you have to be able to embrace that. We need each other. I still see many artists struggling with this. 

“Try to understand that everyone in this world want to make money. Including you and your artworks”

I have built a nice network, but I am still looking for good reliable contacts, companies, gallery owners, and art curators who can, and want to, help me further in this wonderful world of art. I am mainly looking for collaborations, so people can always contact me. Again, we need each other in this world. 

There are so many artists today making fantastic art in a wide range of media and styles, do you ever feel the pressure of competition?   

No, I don’t feel any competitive pressure. I mostly enjoy other artists and art forms. Positive attention to the art world makes us all better, that’s how I look at it. So many people, so many desires! There will therefore be a market for all of us. Besides, you are a nicer person if you also grant something to someone else.  

Of course I do think, when a gallery or exhibition opens, I would have loved to have exhibited my work there. But that feeling, that’s exactly what I think you need to go that extra mile, to challenge and surpass yourself. To become even better at what you do!

“Positive attention to the art world makes us all better”

©Willem Vos

PART 3 of our Exclusive Interview with Willem Vos

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