Stay True To Your Colors – Exclusive Interview with Willem Vos | Part 3

© Willem Vos

PART 2 of our Exclusive Interview with Willem Vos


Willem Vos is an enterprising new artist from the Netherlands. After selling his international company, he threw himself completely into making art and selling his works. Mainly because of Willem’s choice to live a different life he has become an inspiration for people that want to successfully change course as well. His artworks are powerful and quite large, they are full of color, energy, and meaning. Clearly Willem has an impressive talent and high potential, which is why The World Art News is pleased to share Part 3 of his First Exclusive Interview with our global audience.

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What are your thoughts about NFTs, Digital Art, Metaverse? 

In 2020, out of curiosity but also as an investment, I purchased some NFTs on Open Sea. As an artist, I think NFTs are a boon for people making art online. It is an important switch that had to be made in the art world. NFT project “The Currency” by artist Damien Hirst, which is essentially about digital art versus physical art, is a great interesting project to follow. 


I see a digital revolution, but don’t think the amount of money being pumped into it is permanent. I believe more in NFTs that have functionality. That is something that is starting to emerge now and I think will only grow.

“I see a digital revolution”

One criticism is that it is a polluting business.  The high power consumption is unnecessary. That is something that does concern me. People, in my view, to go along with the movement you see in the world at the moment, will really have to reduce CO2 emissions. But I do see positive change and it looks like the most widely used chain, Ethereum, is going to switch to another system, which will reduce pollution quite a bit. 

I see a positive future for Digital Art. A whole generation will soon grow up understanding the value of digital ownership, think Fortnite Skins and a game like Alien Worlds. With the rise of the metaverse, what you hang in your digital living room will become as important as what you hang in your real living room.


What advice would you give to new artists who want to make art their career? 

Make a long-term plan. Find what is the right path for you to get to your goal. Follow that path and don’t get off course. Dare to deviate from the beaten path once in a while. 

And also dare to say no, remember to be businesslike as well.

“Dare to deviate from the beaten path”

© Willem Vos

What is the most expensive painting you have ever sold?

The most expensive piece of art I have done so far consists of about four paintings. It is called “True Colors” and is an ode to women. A colorful work, depicting the true colors of a woman.  

The total size is 140 cm x 400 cm (size 55,12 x 157,48 inches). It consists of four separate works of 140 cm x 100 cm (size 55,12 x 39,37 inches) each. Made for the foyer of a theater but these works will also not look out of place in a large room of a restaurant or hotel. 


The recurring warm colors of the paintings immediately give warmth to a large space, the portraits themselves bring a kind of cheerfulness. That combination gives a very nice effect, a warm, playful atmosphere. Call it feminine energy, a sincere ode to women.  This work will be available for sale in early January 2023. 

True Colors © Willem Vos 
‘Just Like The Moon I Go Through Phases’

Which paintings sell better, larger or smaller? 

I am known for making large works but occasionally, if commissioned, I make smaller paintings as well. Also, for the past two years I have had some limited edition paintings made into high-quality reproductions. This is because there are enthusiasts who would like to buy the same painting, but smaller. A certified reproduction also carries a different price tag than the original work. In my world, these are two different products with two different audiences. Which, by the way, can coexist quite nicely.


How do you promote and where do you sell your art?

I promote and sell my work through my own website, through exhibitions, and galleries. I visit art fairs and events to make contact. In this way I try to expand my network and cooperate with inspiring people. There is always room for new contacts, so to anyone interested, feel free to seek contact. Maybe we can help each other. 

“I try to expand my network and cooperate with inspiring people”

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Some of my work I sell through collaborations with interior designers and concept developers, who buy my artworks, and for whom I also create commissioned work. These collaborations are very fruitful for both parties. You notice that especially in large projects there is a lot of attention and budget for art, it is a very important part of the overall picture. It’s great that as an interior designer or concept developer you can pass on certain wishes, or even requirements, at an early stage in order to make the overall picture fit. To see my artwork as part of a total interior concept is and remains incredibly cool. And here, too, I like to engage in conversation with new contacts to see what we can do for each other. 

Who buys your artworks?

My works now go to individuals as well as companies, institutions, and art collectors from all over the world. Buyers on average fall into an age spectrum at about 45 years old.


How has COVID affected your business and what changes, if any, have you had to make? 

I started my art business in the middle of the COVID pandemic. When the world stood still. I think that was the biggest influence on my business, the peace that it brought gave me the peace of mind to start. And when the world slowly started up again, and went back to normal I was ready to go public. 

© Willem Vos

What is your overall vision of how the art market is changing? 

I recently read the interview with Thomas González on your website, and I could very much identify with the way he indicated his view of the change in the art market: “The art market will expand much more in the future. Art has become an accepted global currency, much better and more sought after than cryptocurrencies. The internet and globalization will enhance this development even more.”

I also foresee that the art market will grow even more, with indeed Globalization and the Internet driving it. This is an opportunity for everyone in the art world. But you will have to accept, embrace and dare to go along with this change. 

© Willem Vos In his studio

Instagram: @willemvos_art

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