PROJECT AD-01 Combines Art and Technology – Crowdfunding Campaign Launches 

Between dystopia and humourism – ChatGPT is on everyone’s lips, AI has already moved into most households, digitalization is advancing more massively than ever and radically changing the way we live  together. With Project AD-01, the fictional company Xetashell Corporation around musician Laura Dre and sculptor freaky-Deek has launched their first Kickstarter campaign today that is now bringing together technological progress and genuine craftsmanship.

Freaky-Deek’s Art Project AD-01 Kickstarter Campaign

Laura Dre’s Music Project AD-01 Kickstarter Campaign

The campaign focuses on the specially handcrafted Android busts and the release of Laura Dre’s soundtrack, which combines musical finesse with futuristic vibes. For freaky-Deek, the project is more than a crowdfunding campaign; it’s an unspoken warning about the digital transformation in our society.

Exclusive androids for art and collector scene 

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, Xetashell Corporation brings to life the dystopian as well as humorous view of the future. In doing so, Project AD-01  stands for Art defines Zero One® and is meant to remind us of the artistry and skill  that is only real from human hands. In an age defined by the most advanced  technology, the artists led by Laura Dre and freaky-Deek want the crowdfunding community to understand the relevance of human craftsmanship.

freaky-Deek  creates unique sculptures out of polymer clay and other materials from the smallest hydraulic bolts to gentle humanoid curves. All parts of the sculptures were made individually to ensure perfect form and casting. The finished sculpture is ultimately made of polyurethane resin, which is individually hand filed, sanded and primed to  create a flawless surface. The sculpture is then painted with acrylic paint and  carefully assembled and wired by hand.

“Each sculpture is hand-signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity, making it a true collector’s item,” he said. 

freaky-Deek brings a variety of busts to Kickstarter

Through the Kickstarter campaign, freaky-Deek is offering five different Android busts in two different designs. The price for the least expensive model starts at 699 euros, while the most comprehensive variant is priced at 1499 euros.

Each model has its own background story and its own fictional purpose. The models come with a wide variety of accessories. Depending on the variant, backers get the model with lighting, various stickers, T-shirts, baseball caps and also (fictitious) access cards to the said mega-corporation Xetashell. The highlight is the Volta model, which also comes with Laura’s soundtrack on MiniDisk as the “Laura Dre Edition”.

Laura Dre releases soundtrack

Unique cyborg busts in two limited edition versions

The androids come in electric and a non-electric versions. Thus, the electric powered busts contain additional colored and flashing LED lights and a standard  USB-C port, also a power switch is integrated. In addition to merchandise,  supporters of the campaign receive an individual cyborg bust made of polymer  clay of the Project Art Defines Zero One®. This android is molded and cast with  polyurethane and is a limited edition only for Kickstarter. All copies sold through  Kickstarter are sculpted, reproduced and hand-painted by in-house. 

With the launch of the Android Busts Kickstarter campaign, musician Laura Dre is also launching the accompanying futuristic soundtrack.

freaky-Deek is a futuristic creative artist from the dreamy Black Forest

freaky-Deek – is a professional sculptor and videographer. A native of the Upper  Palatinate in Bavaria, work took him to the Black Forest in 2015. At that time, Deek was still working in product management and marketing for some large companies until he started modeling and filming as a balance to the stress of everyday life. Only a short time later, he took on the first small commission work for fans of his work. In the meantime, he can look back on a number of exhibitions, and his unique works have also been exhibited at some trade fairs. In addition, there is his presence in social media, for example, he counts several thousand followers on Instagram. In 2022, he launched Project AD-01, which he is now bringing to Kickstarter with Laura Dre under the umbrella of Xetashell Corporation.

Xetashell Corporation

Xetashell is a fictional company created by founder Laura Dre and sculptor Freaky-Deek. This company  exists solely in their creative works and is not associated with any real companies or products. Xetashell is a powerful company that specializes in advanced technology, focusing on robotics and power generation. Its products, such as the Project AD-01 series of androids, are essential components of a cyberpunk future world where advanced technology plays a central role in society. The high technology standards has made  Xetashell Corporation one of the most powerful companies in this fictional world.

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