Exclusive Interview with German Sculptor & Videographer freaky-Deek | Part 2

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PART 1 of our Exclusive Interview with freaky-Deek

Freaky-Deek is a talented sculptor and videographer hailing from the Black Forest region in Germany. He has been showcasing his work in various galleries, exhibitions, and social media platforms. Having grown tired of just typing on a keyboard, freaky-Deek decided to dive into his creative passion and start his own business. As a former figurine collector, he wanted to create something truly unique and dynamic. So, he combined his electronics skills with his love for art and crafted sculptures with added features such as lights and sound. Recently freaky-Deek embarked on a new journey with the creation of a one-of-a-kind polymer clay cyborg sculpt, known as Project AD-01.

AD-01 © freaky-Deek

How do you come up with innovative art ideas 

My muse are emotions, they are all around us, so anything may inspire me. When something triggers an emotion – that’s the moment that sparks creative thought. Out of that come the first images in my head, the first doodles, the first drafts, and then things cascade upwards until I must dissect them into pieces that are doable and tell a cohesive story – at least in my mind.


What is your most exotics sculpture?

Well, probably my very first “original” cyborg sculpture “Natalie”, but nowadays I refer to it as the „prototype“ of Project AD-01. This was the initial spark that created the whole idea to do AD-01, not least because I’ve never completed it. But that doesn’t mean I’ll never finish it – and who knows, if enough people like it, it could also turn into a new Kickstarter project. 

Project „Natalie“ 2019 © freaky-Deek

What materials do you use to create your artworks, which are your favorite, and why? 

For my sculptures I prefer using polymer clay, a lot of metal pipes, and aluminum foil, but I’ve also tried wax-based clay like Monster Clay. I think I’m going to explore this material a little further for my next projects. And since I come from an electronics career background it feels like an obligation for me to include at least some lighting wherever I can.


What risks and setbacks did you have to face in your art career? 

Setbacks. Oh! I don’t even know where to begin. You constantly have setbacks. You must be passionate about your art to not give up when things get tough.

Joker © freaky-Deek

What sacrifices did you have to make to become a successful sculptor? 

I think the biggest sacrifice was distancing myself from negative people. I am still working on this.

And of course, I had a lot of health issues because at one point I made a mistake of pushing myself too hard to become better, faster, while doing a full-time job elsewhere. I don’t recommend doing that. A slower pace is always healthier, but I can see why it leads so often to exhaustion.

The internet connected the whole world, and we compare each other not only in terms of quality, but also speed. And that is a dangerous path to walk on.

Batman © freaky-Deek

There are so many artists today creating amazing art in a vast array of mediums and styles, do you feel the pressure of competition?   

Before, I always felt that I was working in highly competitive environment, but with time I realized that “I’m doing my own stuff” so I stopped thinking in terms of who is “better” and worked hard on having less thoughts such as “OMG, how am I ever going to compete with this????”.

Instead, I began to see other artists as really outstanding and emotional creators. I genuinely started to celebrate their work for those aspects that resonate with me. That was and still is an important internal learning process within myself which still has to evolve.


Laura Dre also had a huge impact on that attitude. She is such a supportive and generous artist, who gave me insight into her ways. She helped me with the Kickstarter a lot!

And to fully answer the question: I also learned that there is no competition in art. If I need to urgently earn money, I would rather do a side hustle as an editor or freelancer instead of participating in an “art rat race”, because the result wouldn’t be art anymore.

What types of art do you like to surround yourself with? 

Mainly music. As it is very easy to get sucked into emotions while still being able to work on things. I take pride in my music choices, especially during my live streams and in my video productions. A huge muse in art!

PART 3 of our Exclusive Interview with freaky-Deek

© Laura Dre – Xetashell Project AD-01 – The Soundtrack

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