High-End Art and Celebrity Collaborations: Exclusive Interview with Renowned Curator Jean-David Malat | Part 3

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

Jean-David Malat is a distinguished celebrity art curator and owner of JD Malat Gallery. His collaborations with icons like Madonna, Kate Moss, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bono have solidified his prominence within the art world. Jean-David’s perspective within the art community stands out due to a unique blend of expertise, evoking admiration and garnering accolades. This quality makes him an engaging interviewee, as his insights possess the power to captivate and enlighten.

Exclusive Interview with Jean-David Malat – Part 2

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In your opinion, what are the most significant challenges facing the art world today, and how do you envision overcoming them?

A substantial challenge lies in ensuring visibility, accessibility, and opportunities for underrepresented artists. The market is saturated with numerous artists, many of whom lack proper guidance. It falls to gallerists and dealers to locate these talents, involving sifting through endless websites, social media, and graduate shows, engaging in conversations with them, and assisting in showcasing their work.


What are the top art trends that you are seeing, and how to capitalize on them?

Presently, abstract and female artists are driving gallery sales – we’ve consecutively hosted three exhibitions featuring female artists. Online sales are also pivotal for galleries, given the accessibility of online platforms and viewing rooms to collectors worldwide. Moreover, I’ve observed an increase in young collectors, both locally and internationally. Hence, maintaining personal engagement with visitors and cultivating a relatable social media presence that appeals to a diverse age range is vital.

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

Where will the global art market be in 5 years?

Predicting with certainty is challenging, as it’s influenced by the economic landscape, though there seems to be a slight slowdown at present. Despite the multitude of options available to collectors through art fairs and galleries, I believe that art will remain a safe investment.


What makes a good art curator and how to find one?

A good art curator is someone who is genuinely passionate about their work and can be entrusted with contextualizing and portraying an artist’s work. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional curators and have even allowed numerous art writers to curate exhibitions with us due to their substantial knowledge and research-driven approach. Young art advisors, in my experience, often excel as curators, offering fresh perspectives on various themes. My team has successfully taken on this responsibility.

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

Can you recall an exhibition that was particularly challenging to curate?

While not a specific one, a recurring challenge is the swift turnaround required for contemporary art exhibitions. Working within the constraints of a commercial gallery necessitates rapid execution without room for error.


How did you overcome the obstacles and achieve success?

Each day in this field presents challenges – you might have a successful show followed by several that don’t meet expectations. Yet, persistence is key. Despite the ups and downs, it’s crucial to continue experimenting and pushing forward.

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

As an art curator, you have access to a vast array of artworks. What criteria do you use to select pieces for your high-profile clients?

Understanding the client’s preferences and motivations is paramount. After grasping their tastes and objectives, I can then select artworks that align well with their preferences. Sometimes, a piece may be exceptionally rare or exquisite, and it might resonate with a specific client. Occasionally, clients embrace my suggestions for new artists or specific pieces even when they weren’t initially looking to purchase.

What skills must one possess to be a good art curator?

Strong research skills, a collaborative mindset, and a deep understanding of the intended audience.

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

Looking ahead, what are your future plans and aspirations as an art curator, and how do you envision further contributing to the global art scene?

My objective is to facilitate my artists’ international exhibitions and secure more museum acquisitions for them. Personally, I aim to continue leveraging my gallery to spotlight emerging talent and introduce their work to a global audience. We’re expanding with additional spaces and launching a residency program for young artists, starting in Iceland. Moreover, I intend to consistently bring new artists onto the global art stage.

Jean-David Malat © JD Malat Gallery

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