About Us

The World Art News (WAN) is the leading source of information about art, antiques, and collectibles. Our dedicated team of journalists, writers, investigators, experts and contributors are committed to the most professional coverage of the latest events in the international art market. We are also a publisher and offer press-release, copywriting, and promotional services focused on the wealthy art community.

Mission: Continue creating an international network of wealthy individuals who possess a passion for the international art community. We believe in generating long-term sustainable value for all of our stakeholders and communities which we work in and impact.

Vision: We empower our readers to be inspired and learn about the exciting world of art, antiques, and collectibles.

Core Values: At WAN our shared core values are the driving force behind what we do as a newspaper and what differentiates us as a trusted business partner and reputable news source.

Sincerity: Keeping our word to our clients and readers results in long-term meaningful relationships

Quality Service: An unwavering commitment to accurately informing our clients, employees, and community.

Passion: We demonstrate humility and enthusiasm in everything we do.

Differences of Opinion: WAN is cultivating an environment where differences of opinion, expressed in a respectful manner, no matter of race, nationality, religion or political affiliation, are welcome.

Slogan: Art is Everywhere!