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The World Art News (WAN) is the leading source of information about valuable art, antiques, and collectibles with a focus on wealth, money, prices, sales, luxury and high-end artworks from around the World.

Our dedicated team of journalists, writers, investigators, experts and contributors is committed to the most professional coverage of the latest events in the international art market. We are also a publisher and offer advertisement, press-release, copywriting, and other promotional services that are focused on the wealthy art community.

WAN is on a mission to inform and empower our readers so they are better able to navigate the complex world of art, antiques, and collectibles. To do so, we are cultivating an environment where differences of opinion, expressed in a professional manner, are welcomed and encouraged.

Our Team

Janet Y. Chang – Senior Manager

Daniel Breg – Secretary

Adrian Pieroni – Senior Writer & Editor

Natalia Koutovenko Ph.D. – Historian | Researcher

David Rosenstein – Investigative Journalist

Albert Chen  – Market Analyst

Annamaria Johansson  – Writer | Artist

Rena Maculans – Writer

Maria Ovkova – Assistant Editor

Mark Gatome – Media Relations

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