The ‘Collòculi’ Exhibit by Internationally Recognized Artist and Filmmaker Annalaura di Luggo

Collòculi © Annalaura di Luggo


Annalaura’s Most Artistic Challenge!

Interactive Multimedia Installation Exhibit

Can Be Seen At

National Archaeological Museum of Naples | Piazza Museo 18, 80135 Napoli

Now through January 9, 2023

Annalaura di Luggo working on Collòculi at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples © Annalaura di Luggo

The word Collòculi derives from the fusion of the two terms COLLŎQUĬUM (dialogue) and ŎCŬLUS (eye). Annalaura di Luggo combined the two meanings to create a name for her installation as a metaphor for her vision.

Collòculi, as an art installation is an immersive, multimedia interactive work made in the shape of a Giant Eye from recycled aluminum. The symbolism of recycling is both suggestive of environmental rebirth as well as the deeper meaning of taking old thrown away emotions and creating new, more positive views through new eyes.

Giuseppe Amabile’s eye as seen through the giant eye’s lens | Collòculi © Annalaura di Luggo

COLLÒCULI WE ARE ART by Annalaura di Luggo is currently on display at al National Archeological Museum of Naples MANN (Italy) until January 2023.

Annalaura di Luggo explains her artistic path, her inspiration, and how she came up with Colloculi:  

Collòculi website has a special interactive section that allows online visitors to digitally take a selfie and place their own face inside the pupil of the installation’s giant eye.  This interactive aspect to the experience gives everyone and anyone from near or far away to feel what it’s like to be inside the eye.


Annalaura di Luggo’s unique artwork is already well-known in Italy and the installation was highlighted on TeleGiornale 5 (TG5), a major Italian TV news channel.

The creation and installation of the art exhibit is now the subject of a new feature length documentary film “We Are Art – Through the Eyes of Annalaura.”  Trailer:

We Are Art – Through the Eyes of Annalaura was filmed on location in Naples, Italy. The film presents the artist’s journey from conception to creation and shows how Annalaura di Luggo inspired so many people to work on her vision with her.

In the pupil of the Collòculi eye there is a round screen on which an interactive multimedia video, “We Are Art,” plays and comes to life. This stimulating vision gives the viewer a perception of themselves as works of art.

The viewer becoming part of the scene inside Colloculi eye pupil © Annalaura di Luggo

The multimedia experience also enhances diversity and gives way to positive experiences and affirmations of four very different young adults. Their eyes reveal how they overcame adversities such bullying, racial discrimination, alcohol, crime or the difficulty of being blind.


A close up sequence starts on the face of each of the youngsters, then moves to the iris and then into the center of their pupil. This reveals images of their past where dramas are represented by moving shadows. The images are accompanied by a sound design composed of their heartbeats. Then their iris returns on screen and through the magic of special cameras, the viewer’s image is captured and projected in real time in the video in which he or she becomes an active participant

Video art, sound design and immersive reality, combine in the multimedia and immersive experience. We see the young people stripping away past hardships and prejudices.

Collòculi © Annalaura di Luggo

Through special effects this is represented with a black jumpsuit that each of the youngsters opens by pulling down a zipper and revealing a living iris that expands to coincide with the entire silhouette of their body. The black hole, the center of the pupil, is in the center of their chest as a metaphor for the connection between the human soul and infinity.


With bodies transfigured into sublime beauty, their eyes begin to dance again capturing the viewer in the scene and involving the viewer physically. A purifying dance allows the four protagonists to gain awareness and we see them side by side holding a red rope while they declare, “WE ARE ART!”

Annalaura di Luggo

“Every creative journey begins with a spiritual quest for insight”

© Annalaura di Luggo

Annalaura di Luggo was born and raised in Naples, Italy and discovered her passion for art as a teenager. Annalaura has always tackled a wide array of subjects. She created “Never Give Up” which was a multimedia installation and short documentary project about incarceration and then explored the oceans of the world  with “Sea Visions / 7 Viewpoints”  as another multimedia art installation.

She took on human rights with an art installation titled “Human Rights Vision” that was commissioned by the Kennedy Foundation and then she tackled issues surrounding blindness. That multimedia installation and documentary project was titled “Blind Vision” which was presented at the United Nations and at the Italian Consulate in NY.


Annalaura di Luggo has also explored nature and biodiversity with her 3D painting “Genesis” which was presented at the 58th Venice Biennale. She continues to take on more issues and created “Napoli Eden,” which explored environmental issues and social inclusion. 

Annalaura di Luggo with participants of the Collòculi art installation in Naples, Italy © Annalaura di Luggo

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